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Getting Started

Actions are automations that you can create to perform certain tasks. For instance, you can create an action to trigger a deployment on Netlify, or trigger a Zapier workflow.

At the moment, actions are triggered manually by someone from your team. However, we're working on adding support for auto-triggering actions.

Creating Actions

In order to create new actions, go to your app, then Actions and click on Add Action (actions can be created by Owners and Developers only).

You will have to fill in the following details:

  1. Type - the type of action you want to create. At the moment, we only support HTTP actions.
  2. Name - the name of the action, used for internal purposes.
  3. Description - a description of the action, used to describe what the action does.
  4. Button Text - the text that will be displayed on the button that triggers the action.

Request Actions

Request actions are actions that make HTTP requests to a specified URL. They can be used to trigger workflows on other platforms, such as Zapier.

In order to create a request action, you will have to fill in the following details:

  1. URL - the URL that will be requested when the action is triggered.
  2. Method - the HTTP method that will be used to make the request.
  3. Data - the data (body), as JSON, that will be sent with the request.
  4. Headers - the headers that will be sent with the request.

Triggering Actions

Actions can be triggered by clicking on the button that is displayed on the action's page.

When an action is triggered, a request is made to the URL specified in the action's settings.