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Getting Started

What is Kernex?

Kernex is a cloud headless CMS (Content Management System). It allows you to build APIs fast, as well as add content to your website through an admin panel.

How can Kernex help me?

Kernex can increase your development speed by 3x, or even 3x.

If you use Kernex, you get the following benefits:

  • No need for deployments, everything is hosted in the cloud
  • Integrated Storage & CDN to speed up your website
  • No need to write code
  • Automatically generates Typescript code for your API
  • Integrates easy with the front-end through an easy-to-use Typescript/Javascript Client

What can I build with Kernex?

Right now you can build basic small websites, including blogs. However, we're constantly adding more features so that you can build more complex web apps.