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Build your API in minutes.

Faster & Cheaper.

A Cloud Headless CMS with File Storage, CDN, and a Javascript Client.

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Why use Kernex?

Shorter development times

Easy-to-use interface for building your APIs

Hosted on the Cloud

No time-consuming deployments

Lower development costs

Easily customise and scale projects

No technical debt

Faster go-to-market

Focus on your business value

Streamline content production and distribution

Professional dedicated support

Don’t stress over maintenance and scalability

A Leap Forward

Classic Development

Backend & devops knowledge required

With Kernex

Faster, Cheaper and Easier

Build your API

Build your frontend

Get the best out of your resources. Here are some of the advantages of using Kernex:

Cloud API

No back-end & devops knowledge required

Built-in CDN

Built-in File Storage

JS Client

Bring your own Database, or use our built-in one

Developers love it

And you will too!

Kernex provides auto-generated typescript code for your API. Just copy-paste the code into your front-end app and start building!

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